Finding Freedom

Joe Lynch

Tom T-Bone Smith

The musical history in Upstate South Carolina is loaded with talented bands, singers, and musicians. Well known musicians such as the Marshall Tucker Band, Edwin McCain and Marcus King are some of the better known, but there are so many more, and Tom (T-Bone) Smith is working on a book to chronicle all of it from the garage bands to the legends. Tom is our guest on this episode of the Northwest Corner Podcast!


Rob Seel

Rob recently spent a couple of days at the legendary House of Vibes recording studio in New Jersey, working with producer and musician Kurt Reil (the Grip Weeds, the Smithereens, Mark Lindsay, etc.) on seven more songs.  It’s gonna be cool!


Randomonium VS Split Shot

The very first episode of our new series, RANDOMONIUM VS …! The hardest working variety band in show business takes on other musical legends in a musical quiz show to see who can claim the top prize – a crappy little trophy. First up, the legendary band, Split Shot!

Guys On A Bus

Guys On A Bus

On any given night, Guys On a Bus brings an upbeat experience to their crowd. From their tight four-part harmonies, reminiscent of the Beach Boys, to their simple pop/ rock choruses, in the neighborhood of Maroon5, Guys On a Bus bring a wide variety in their original songs (9 of which are available on most streaming services). 


Mara Jennings

Mara Jennings is an award winning singer/songwriter that specializes in Blues and R&B, but is equally comfortable exploring all genres of music.

Widow Lake

A group of musicians come together to rock.

conservation theory

Conservation Theory

Since 2007 Conservation Theory has been performing their original music across the southeast.  Born in the mountains of South Carolina and bolstered by the vocal traditions and storytelling of their homeland, the songs tell the tales of experience and imagination.  Inspired by the ancient muse that calls out to the creator to create, Conservation Theory tells tales of woe, happiness, spirit, human frailty, Earth and nature.  We’ve played with big names, we’ve played with small names, we’ve played to three people, we’ve played to three thousand people.  We enjoy the act of sharing our music and stories with all who will come and sit a spell.

Split Shot

Performing or on the street, Split Shot are the kind of guys you genuinely want to call friends. With the charm only true Southerner’s can possess, they bring their talent to the stage with a quick-witted, knee-slapping sense of humor coupled with a clear love for the music.

Harrison Brookie

Bet you didn’t know that improv comedy could be taught. We didn’t either! Our new friend Harrison Brookie, owner of the Alchemy Comedy Club in Greenville, South Carolina gave us the highlights of improv comedy, how it’s taught, and when you can see a wonderfully funny show at the Alchemy Comedy Theater.

Christmas Eve Special with Kylie Odetta

Join us live on Facebook for the taping of our Christmas Eve SPECIAL featuring singer/song-writer Kylie Odetta. Taping will be LIVE on December 21. The show recording will be available Christmas Eve Morning.


Reshana Marie

Reshana Marie, a seasoned performer is well at home on any stage. A Nashville Recording artist, songwriter, incredible Singer and musician she now fronts her very own high energy band! Performing Classic / Modern Country, some Classic Rock and her originals, she can hold her own on any stage in the country alongside the best of them!


Maverick Ice

Author of “All Men Tell Lies”, and his latest book “The Motivation – If I Can Do It There’s No Excuse!”


Cary Hinze of Purple Tuna Tees

You will most often catch us in shorts and flip flops, wearing ball caps and yes, t-shirts! We enjoy our days to the fullest while creating immaculate designs and printed goods, come journey with us and “sail” in to the Purple Tuna.


Asheton of RockerBelles

Although RockerBelles officially launched in September 2016, the idea was born long ago when Asheton, Owner and Founder, was a young girl playing with her Barbie dolls.  With an upbringing that was deeply rooted Southern Rock and Roll, it’s no wonder that her style now reflects that, a southern belle with a rocker soul!


Hub City Animal Project

We’re on a mission to tackle the issues at the root of animal homelessness in Spartanburg County. We’re animal lovers. We’re advocates devoted to eliminating the unnecessary suffering of animals in our community. And we’re a voice for the voiceless pets that deserve health, happiness, and a safe home.


Ed & Ysante McDowell of Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning

What do you do when your culinary prowess turns into a seasoning blend that can go on everything? You start selling it! And that’s just what the creators of Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning have done. Now, their seasoning is available in Amazon Grocery and the whole world will know its tasty goodness!


Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery

Our very first guests, and our first full sponsors, Bob and Kat Jordan of Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery in Reidville, South Carolina are back to tell us what’s happening in the moonshine world. Plus, we’ll find out if their Florida home is still intact after Hurricane Irma!


Blue Bolt Band

Blue Bolt is a band from Florence SC. The name is derived from a character in the Machinae story.


Matthew Stokes | Stokes Music

“No one cares more about your success than I do! My students succeed because I make sure they know EXACTLY HOW to practice EACH DAY!” -Matt

Jason, The Through Our Eyes Project

100 people affected by homelessness will receive a disposable camera with one task – to tell their story. There is a satisfaction that comes with creating something. Each photographer will have the opportunity to share a piece of their life with the community around them. It’s what they see. It’s who they spend time with. It’s what they eat. It’s where they go. These photographers may be homeless, but they do not have to be hopeless, nameless or voiceless. 

The cameras are disposable. The people are not.


Morgan Riley – AVAILABLE

With an unbiased passion for music – regardless of genre – it’s clear that Skytone Entertainment artist Morgan Riley offers something new to country listeners. album Collage is just that… A melting pot of genres with an ever-so-slight country dominance. While the road to this release hasn’t always been smooth, Riley has handled each curve with hope and exuberance – all the while finding her sound and writing to connect with her fans. “I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason – everything that’s happened throughout my life has led to my relationship with Skytone and the release of this album. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Officer Hopps” – AVAILABLE

Join us for a discussion with a real live police officer as she shares her experiences and her desires to help her community. You might be surprised at what an every day first responder thinks about the job and what their role in the community should be.


Roger Upton | Carolina Trekker – AVAILABLE

I have been hiking since I was old enough to walk. I grew up in a rural, forested area of Spartanburg County (SC) that was filled with hills, streams, and boulders. I spent most of my younger years exploring the woods. I learned to love, appreciate, and respect nature. Even as a child, I would lead hikes into the woods on our land. Over the years I’ve served as a hiking guide for archaeologists, naturalists, fossil hunters, herb hunters, school groups, and individuals who simply wanted an adventure. One of my greatest joys is introducing others to hiking!

Kylie Odetta – AVAILABLE

Indie/Soul Singer-Songwriter, Kylie Odetta, is lighting a fire within the underground music scene. With music that is powerful, dreamy, and full of passion she uses the piano & raspy vocals to draw you in. By incorporating elements of studio magic yet keeping the instruments organic, her music will take you on a mellow but all-inspiring journey. Kylie has been called an old soul and penned over 200 songs. Her southern roots make for a unique twist in her vocal character as she emits an iconic sound that is both refreshing and original and emotional. You might call her an indie artist but with hints of jazz, soul and pop influences. Kylie O has become a seasoned performer as she has carried the big stage solo having had the opportunity to open for music artists Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, Mat Kearney, Austin Mahone and Kelly Pickler as well as 100’s of her own shows. Kylie is on a mission to share her music with others and truly connect with people through the lyrics. She notes that people and everyday life and the emotions that we all feel inspire her. “My goal is to create art that moves people deep inside their souls, brings love to light, & enhances the beauty and power of emotion” (Kylie Odetta)


Shawn Kitchen – AVAILABLE

Shawn considers himself a southerner who has been embedded in the North since birth.

He was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan and attended college at Spring Arbor University, majoring in broadcasting.

He and his family moved to the Upstate in 2011, which is wife’s home since childhood. After a brief time in Memphis, Tennessee, they are back and happily call the Upstate their home.

Shawn is obsessed with all things motorcycles. He owns a vintage Honda Goldwing and rides throughout the year. He is also quite obsessed with Moto GP racing and news.


Miah Jeffra – AVAILABLE

Miah Jeffra is a writer, artist, curator and educator, currently living in San Francisco.

A military brat, Jeffra moved throughout their childhood, but most identifies the South as home.

They spent their high school years in Baltimore, and then moved to Atlanta, where they studied English, Music and Theatre at Oglethorpe University.

Miah later studied in the Master’s Program in Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts. Jeffra teaches Writing, Drama, Media and Cultural Studies at Santa Clara University and The San Francisco Art Institute and also serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief of queer literary collaborative, Foglifter Press.

Jeffra finds interest in community-centered art and discourse and chooses to maintain a multi-disciplinary studio practice for its collaborative possibilities. The subjects of their work range from psychogeography and urban studies to gender structures to myth-making and ritual. Influences include Augusto Boal, Anna Deavere Smith, Peter Brook, Angela Davis, Richard Schechner, Judith Butler, Adrian Piper, Olafur Eliasson, Guy Debord and the Situationists, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Goode, West African dance forms, and other artists/makers who emphasize process in their work.



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