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The cast of the Northwest Corner Podcast has teamed up with the staff at Charlie Mason Radio to bring us an exclusive digital download of some of their best episodes from this past year!



"The Best of 2018 - The Northwest Corner Podcast" is now available from the CHARLIE MASON RADIO website with over 8 hours of entertainment for only $9.99! You will recognize many of the featured celebrity guests including Backline, Finding Freedom, Randonominum, Chris Lee and Odell Scott of Split Shot, Mara Jennings, Reshana Marie, and Revelator. And a bonus track is included as well - "The World's Longest Bad Joke"

Click here to check it out! And don't forget this Sunday is the release of the Halloween Special, "The Ladies of the Northwest Corner" with special guest Shawna (who? Listen to find out).

Follow the Northwest Corner Podcast on your favorite podcast app to be notified when new episodes come out each week. And follow them on Facebook to watch the live recording of the 2018 Christmas Special featuring Mara Jennings as the musical guest!


northwest corner podcast christmas special 2018 with mara jennings